Why Women Get Crazy When They Find Out The Ex Has A New Girlfriend

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Story from Relationships. What do you do? Your first reaction would, I hope, be skepticism. Then, perhaps, you might ask him whether he means that she expressed anger, frustration or disappointment to him because of something he had said or done. For instance, I once knew a man who was sleeping with two women in the same social circle. They had both been lied to, gaslitpathologised and caught in an intricately woven web of dishonesty and disingenuity by someone who had a vested interest in undermining their respective intuition and legitimacy. By telling each women in this scenario that the other was crazy the man in question had increased his power by silencing the women he was sleeping with and discouraging them from speaking to each other. On closer examination, it almost always transpires that the woman in question was perfectly sane but had refused to be treated in a substandard way and, even, dared to say so.

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Absolute court gives Kathleen Wyatt go-ahead en route for claim against Ecotricity boss Dale Vince, who became a multimillionaire after their divorce. A woman whose marriage bankrupt down more than 30 years back has won the right to ask for payments from her ex-husband, a just the once new age traveller who became a multimillionaire businessman. Kathleen Wyatt has been granted permission by the supreme ask for to lodge a belated claim adjacent to Dale Vince, who founded and runs the green energy company Ecotricity. Vince, 53, lives in a Georgian knoll fort in Gloucestershire with his agree with wife. The couple met inwhen she was 21 and he was 19, and married later that year. Wyatt already had a child from an earlier relationship who was accepted at the same time as part of the family. They subsisted on state benefits.

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