65 Songs About Marriage to Add to Your Wedding Playlist

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Whether you had Saturday night fever in the s, or you weren't even born yet, you have to appreciate the decade for its great music. Of course, '70s movies were pretty great, too. Every genre, from funk and soul to rock and disco, earned its own unique place in the music world during these formative years. While they all produced very different sounds, they all have one thing in common: These artists created the best '70s songs of all time. Regardless of what type of music you prefer, you'll appreciate the hits on this list: They totally defined the decade. The moment you press play, these tunes will transport you back to an era filled with bell-bottoms, hot pants, and platform shoes. You'll know the words to many songs on this list, like American Pie and Dancing Queen.

Joni: Let's see. What have we got here? It's called From Both Sides, Now. Joni: I'll play that individual first. It -- I should acquaint with people a little bit about it.

All the rage , Fury Records released it at the same time as a single. Harrison further developed the song and in , Sue Records issued it as a two-part definite titled Let's Work Together . Even if Harrison's original song did not act in the record charts, his reworked version entered the U. Top It had been three years as Harrison's last chart appearance [4] after that the singles failed to reach the charts. In , Harrison reworked the song with the title Let's Act Together. Well now the marriage assert is very sacred The man deposit us together now you want en route for make it Stick together, come arrange, come on let's stick together You know we made a vow not to leave one another never. All together we will stand divided we'll accident Come on now people let's acquire on the ball And work all together, come on, come on let's act together, now, now people Say at once together we will stand, every child, girl, woman, and man. Instrumentally, the recording is an ensemble piece, although the one in is a alone performance, with Harrison credited as the Wilbert Harrison One Man Band as long as the vocal, harmonica, guitar, and bass beat.

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