Chapter three

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Recommendation That Council: 1. With consideration to the unprecedented times of the COVID pandemic, it is recommended for Council to increase rates by 3. In order to expedite provision of the COVID subsidy to the ratepayers, it is recommended for the Council to issue rates notices by 1 August and to provide additional relief to ratepayers by deferring the collection of the first quarter rates instalment until 30 Septemberas allowed by the regulations under section B of the Local Government Act The use of a base amount brings the higher and lower values closer together and in effect spreads the burden across the board to all ratepayers. This is a common rating structure that is considered to provide the fairest and most equitable distribution of the rate levy across the LGA. As Shoalhaven Council faces new challenges and offers new financial relief options to the ratepayers, including farmers, it is recommended to discontinue the drought financial assistance measures adopted in September and to reassess the most appropriate drought assistance measures if such need occurs. Council notes that the budget includes a reduction in the total of the annual rate yield for Jerberra Estate. Receive a report on feedback from the community on the draft documents following the exhibition period for consideration prior to returning to Council for adoption. Options 1.

It begins by giving consideration to the history of parliamentary addresses by alien heads of state, before turning en route for examine the addresses of President Hu Jintao and Prime Minister Howard. Arrange each occasion, the parliamentary setting had been chosen to honour the collective traditions of representative government and governmental democracy. British parliamentary practice only permits elected representatives to address the Abode of Commons while the United States Congress has a tradition of commonly extending invitations to foreign dignitaries. As a result of and large the Australian Parliament has adopted the British model. In the fifty years following Federation, the Australian Parliament was addressed by only individual visiting delegation—a delegation from the British House of Commons. The Senate as a result of resolution then invited the foreign caller to address the Senate, and approved to meet in the House of Representatives chamber for that purpose. But, it resulted in a debate which made it clear that there was strong minor party opposition to alluring a non-democratically elected head of affirm to address the Australian Parliament. I take the view that, if we accept this, it will set a very bad precedent indeed and bidding reflect on the elected chambers. Senator Santo Santoro [10] Surely we be obliged to have a right to interact along with anybody who comes into our assembly.

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