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Vibrant girl who want to learn new things with a money making First United Bank What does his Gun tell us about American society? Is this image still relevant today? He also explored the hidden meanings within certain objects. How has he done this with his Skulls? Think about how you could recreate it in a new way either to change or to add to its original meaning. Try taking a dramatically lit photograph of it, or drawing or painting it with bright acid colours. In his photographs, prints and paintings he could freeze a moment in time and repeat it over and over again, while in his films he documented and slowed time down.

Ascertain more at JenRiday. Maria shares her story of being adopted, going all the way through a tricky divorce, and receiving a scary health diagnosis, on top of being a mom. You will attend to experiences that may sound similar en route for your own struggles, and the altered tools Maria has used to acquire through them. Like Maria, you be worthy of the most beautiful life, and you have the power to create it even when things seem hard. Attend to Nicole, Natalie, Tara, and I argue our experiences of launching our kids into the world and how it affected our emotions, our relationships along with our kids, and our relationships along with our spouses.

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