You are my dream girl

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Feel the magic. I am yours forever. My world would be a much darker place without you. You were made for loving me. I want three things, to see you, to touch you and to kiss you. And I can't get enough of you, baby. I hug you, tickle you, sing to you softly, carry you, bathe you, kiss you always. View full artist profile. Take your cue from whichever partner initiates the kiss.

Aid the Archive. Support the Archive A propos the Archive. Distributed under a Artistic Commons License. Price, editors. The Walt Whitman Archive. My tongue, every bite of my blood, form'd from this soil, this air.

The stolen glances, broken threads The visions looming in our heads The years spent running parallel To everything so as to might've been. Oh, if he actually does exist Why did he abandon me In my hour of basic I truly am indeed Alone all over again, naturally. Then in nineteen fifteen my country said Son It's time en route for stop rambling 'cause there's work en route for be done So they gave me a tin hat and they gave me a gun And they sent me away to the war. After that through it all she offers me protection A lot of love after that affection Whether I'm right or abuse. Since you went away the being grow long And soon I'll attend to old winter song But i avoid you most of all my adorable When autumn leaves start to accident. And I wish I, wish I knew the right words To accomplish you feel better, walk out of this place Defeat them in your secret battle Show them you be able to be your own man again. After you're weary, feeling small When tears are in your eyes I bidding dry them all I'm on your side. I've been crying over you Crying over you and you alleged so long Left me standing altogether alone Alone and crying, crying, cry, crying. Rest your head you agonize too much it's going to be alright when times get rough you can fall back on us don't give up please don't give ahead.

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