Who Comes to Steal Kill and Destroy?

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The doctrine of sin is not the only strange solace the gospel offers. It also tells us that we have an Enemy who walks around roaring like a lion looking to destroy us, so we should watch out 1 Pet. Unfortunately, we are tempted to forget this in our daily walk with God. Yet the Bible says Satan is at work now and we dare not forget it. In other words, he is a wicked whisperer.

Basis text[ edit ] I will deposit enmity between thee and the female, and between thy seed and her seed: he shall bruise thy advance, and thou shalt bruise his heel — Genesis , American Standard Account Some versions of Genesis such at the same time as the English Standard Version and the New World Translation speak of your offspring and her offspring. God addresses Adam and speaks of him after that the woman that he had made as his companion Genesis ,22 , whom Adam subsequently named Eve Beginning Judaism[ edit ] In rabbinical Judaism , the contrasting groups of seed of the woman and beginning of the serpent are generally taken as plural, with the promise he will bruise your head applied en route for Adam and mankind bruising the serpent 's head. The text in Beginning is also seen as connecting en route for the sign the Lord gives en route for King Achaz through Isaiah , As a result the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, after that shall call his name Immanuel. Maas also writes: One may be tempted to understand the seed of the woman in a similar collective awareness, embracing all who are born of God.

David Talley — July 05, Overall point: The major battle we face all the rage this life is not what is seen, but what is not seen—Satan is intensely and intentionally opposed en route for what God is doing. AND the greatest defense we have is not our offense, but rather our addiction. Jesus is prayerful and successful; the disciples are prayerless and careless. At the outset, we must understand from this account in Luke that Satan intensely after that intentionally opposes what God is accomplishment in this world. In , we read that Satan enters Judas.

Add Newsletters Some more background will accomplish the point of this narrative constant clearer. God promised that someday he would himself be the shepherd of his people, delivering them from the ones who exploit them Ezek. Harming the flock Jesus is still the shepherd today, but who are the thieves and the robbers? We allow all heard about fraudulent preachers who promise healing or prosperity for economic gifts. Sam Lael Zulu, a acquaintance of mine who is a Pentecostal pastor in Zambia, Africa, lamented along with me about a few examples of thieves in his own context. After promises of prosperity fail to appear, some extreme prosperity preachers attribute the blocking of blessing to demons.

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