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Squirting is just incredibly cool, there's no two ways about it. There's long been a debate about whether it actually can happen it can, duh and whether the liquid that's expelled is pee it's not, duh again. Some women and people with vaginas who squirt during sex might feel embarrassed about it, but they shouldn't because it's totally normal. So here's 8 guys to explain why it majorly turns them on when women squirt. Don't see that as pressure to get squirting - not every body is capable so don't stress. My GF squirts almost every time she cums and she says it gives her a much more intense orgasm. It is also very satisfying for me to be able to please her like that and I enjoy the feeling of it when she squirts on my while she is riding me. I have never understood why this bothers some men. It irritates me to hear about guys who think it's gross.

Picture: Metro. I was rather confused, trying to swallow, before I realised can you repeat that? was going on. Paul says Louise squirted after 10 to 15 minutes of penetration. Once I worked can you repeat that? it was, I felt rather able about myself.

I used to think squirting — additionally known as female ejaculation — barely burst into public consciousness around the end of , when the UK government tried unsuccessfully to ban it from porn. Popular as it is, squirting remains controversial and not a minute ago among prudish government ministers. But desires are inevitably influenced by the earth around us — things our friends talk about, porn we watch , stuff we read on the internet. And when it comes to trends in sex, squirting, right now, is in. As a woman who gets plenty of joy from making guys cum with volcanic force and amount, I understand why so many of my exes have been eager en route for repay the favour in kind. Culture to squirt takes time, patience after that experimentation, as well as a actual eagerness for it happen from equally parties.

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