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I felt very still and very bare. It is the summer of after that Esther Greenwood, a college student, is living in New York and effective at a month-long job as caller editor for a fashion magazine. At the same time as the novel opens, Esther worries a propos the electrocution of the Rosenbergs, a husband and wife who were convicted of spying for the Soviet Accord and sentenced to death. She additionally worries about the fact that she cannot enjoy her job, her additional clothes, or the parties she attends, despite realizing that most girls would envy her. Esther feels numb after that unmoored, and thinks there is a bite wrong with her. Betsy, a clean girl from the Midwest, persistently offers her friendship to Esther. One calendar day, on her way to a accessory organized by the magazine, Betsy ask Esther if she wants to allocate a cab. Esther refuses, catching a cab with Doreen instead. While their cab sits in traffic, a be in charge of approaches and persuades them to adhere him and some friends in a bar.

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