47 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Have You Laughing

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We are bringing awareness and equality to women of the coffee industry. City Girl Coffee is not just a cute company with cool colors and a chic look. We are a sustainable and responsible coffee company who is working to bring awareness and equality to the women of the coffee industry. We source as much of our coffee as possible from small, women owned or managed farms and co-operatives, and give a portion of every sale back to the organizations that support the success of women in their country of origin. There, a man from Colombia got up and told a story about a husband and wife. The husband had died fighting in the war, and when a key piece of farming material broke down, the Colombian banks refused to provide the loan the wife would need to keep her farm alive, for no other reason than she was female. At the Bogota Colombia IWCA conference in Octoberwomen and men from 30 different countries came together to discuss the issues of sustainability and gender equality. Can you imagine what this world would look like if that were the norm? Business owner.

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But you love coffee, you probably be aware any joke or tongue-in-cheek declaration a propos the caffeinated delight. Take a air while you sip a mug, after that tickle your tongue with flavor although we tickle your funny bone along with humor! Save 1. Dear Santa… Certainly. The time when we look ago at our lives with appreciation, thanking our closest persons and wishing all the best. So, dear Santa, attend to us!

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