Speaking BDSM: A Glossary of Terms Used to Describe BDSM

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Curious about BDSM? Proper aftercare may be used to prevent a drop. Age Play When one person takes on an older role and one person takes on a younger role, such as a father-daughter scenario. BDSM An umbrella term used to describe a sexual practice that involves the use of physical control, psychological power, or pain. It typically includes the components of bondage and discipline, domination and submission, or sadism or masochism. Bondage and Discipline A type of BDSM practice that incorporates bondage tying, binding, or restraining someone and discipline punishing a submissive partner when they break a rule.

Clinic and patient. Master and slave. BDSM role play comes in an continual variety. BDSM, which stands for burden and discipline, domination and submission, after that sadism and masochism, involves a array of sexual practices. When the character play is a part of BDSM, it usually involves at least individual individual exhibiting dominance over another. The scenarios may be simple and ad hoc, or they might require sophisticated costumes, props, or a script.

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