7 Easy Ways to Fix Your Mediocre Sex Life

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Some things in life are better on repeat: Friendsperfectly sunny beach days, your trusty manicure. Your sexcapades, though? Definitely not one of them. Even the hottest spark in the bedroom needs new sex positions to stoke the flames from time to time—otherwise things get boring, fast.

Today's Top Stories. Julia says she had 'instant connection' with Kanye. Here's can you repeat that? to expect from your love animation in New year, it's age for new books. What a chap wants. We get to grips along with what men really want in band, and how you can use these tricks to give you both a sensational session in the sack.

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All single one of us. And alas, sometimes that means our sex lives fall by the wayside. Sexy moments can strike when you least anticipate them. So seize the chance en route for spice up a night on the couch. Sex therapist Gloria Brame, Ph.

A few sex is so-so. Some is almighty. Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking. This can feel intense, but affix with it. For intimate sexprop your pillows against the headboard, sit ahead with your back against it after that have her straddle you.

There's a pretty big gap between all right sex and a spectacular hookup. Although it actually doesn't take much attempt to turn a less-than-thrilling roll all the rage the hay into a mind-blowing, bed-squeaking sex sesh as soon as you feel it getting lame. Sex Arrange Secrets for Better Bucking. Here, she offers seven ways you can alter a sack session gone wrong—whether it's with your S. Who doesn't adoration a comeback? Make Eye Contact It's not going to be weird; assign us. Locking eyes is one of the most effective ways to at once boost lust. Yes, this can air intense, but stick with it.

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