Security lies in obedience - Voices of young women of a slum in Pakistan

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Adulthood transition in and into silence Main Theme Open in a separate window Socialization into submissiveness The first sub-theme refers to the experiences of the young women who described how they were socialised from childhood into submissiveness and obedience. These ideas represent the expected ideals in the social environment of the local society, which underlie the customs guiding the socialisation of girls. The psychology of participants' parents became apparent in the varying degree of freedom and opportunity that different parents allowed their daughters. This socialization into submissiveness was achieved by: Living up to family expectations The young women described the behaviours, duties and responsibilities they were brought up to fulfil. They understood their primary role to be tending to their household and listed the typical duties such as cooking and cleaning as the main things that gave them personal value. They had agreed not to attend school, instead staying at home out of a sense of duty and thus enabling their siblings especially brothers to go to school. They preferred to work at home, looking after everyone else's needs and literally serving as substitutes for their mothers. To be selfless, loyal and possess empathy for the family were important characteristics valued in their upbringing.

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Agreement in Action Obedience is a appearance of social influence that involves amateur dramatics an action under the orders of an authority figure. It differs as of compliance which involves changing your behavior at the request of another person and conformity which involves altering your behavior in order to go all along with the rest of the arrange. Instead, obedience involves altering your behavior because a figure of authority has told you to. Obedience is obeying someone with a higher status; accord is going along with people of equal status. Obedience relies on collective power; conformity relies on the basic to be socially accepted.

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