Byrdie Boy: How to Determine Your Face Shape

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The problem: face shape. The shape of our face can be a major influence on how hairstyles, eyeglasses, beard styles, even brow shapes appear. What looks great on Brad Pitt might not work for Justin Bieber—or for you. What Determines Face Shape? On the surface, Vasyukevich points to the forehead, cheeks, jawline, and chin as the most important structures that determine how facial shape is perceived. Keaney adds that the male forehead tends to be higher and broader, sloping backward and ending at a prominent supraorbital ridge that bony line that runs atop the eye area.

All the rage fact, most men are wearing the wrong haircut for their face affect. Textured Crop This cut has the cropped professionalism of a businessman along with a bit of added texture en route for incorporate movement, volume, and character. The textured crop haircut looks great arrange men with strong facial features as the cropped length accentuates good clean structure. An added bonus? How accomplish you style it? The textured bring in can be worn messy on the weekends or styled to mean altogether business for the boardroom. Square accept shape Men with a square accept shape should consider trying out the textured crop haircut because the shorter length accentuates their strong facial features, such as their wide and abrupt jawline and very angled cheekbones.

Amount Your Face Length This is the distance between the tip of your hairline to the point of your chin. Having difficulty finding the hairline? Just facepalm in despair! Take the measurement and note it down. We just need a value.

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