The Great Soulmate Debate

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It's how I react to those choices that matters. For skilled swordsman Thorrn, finding his soul is the ultimate life goal; he spends his days half working hard to be promoted, and half dreaming about the day he'll finaly find the one person who complements him like nobody else. But both aspirations crash and burn when he's introduce Other people's choices are not my fault. But both aspirations crash and burn when he's introduced to Evyn, the daughter of the king's sould. Evyn is Unexpected, in every sense of the word—and Thorrn can't believe that this weak girl is destined to be his soul. Together with a quiet apothecary by the name of Aubin, a stone mage called Tuniel, and Evyn herself, Thorrn will have to step up to stand for what he truly believes in.

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