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Yet, to reach our full potential, we must overcome the instinctual urge to fight or flight and challenge ourselves to do new and bigger things. We must get outside our comfort zone. What does getting outside your comfort zone mean? Your comfort zone is defined as a place or situation where you feel safe or at ease and without stress. You have to take some risks, try new things, and push your boundaries.

All the rage fact, it is so simple it is easy to fly right as a result of. It has enough intuitive sense you can read it and nod all the rage affirmation without really connecting to the message. However, connecting to the ability takes effort. Making it a actuality is another animal all together. But not — have you tried en route for find it? If yes, when was the last time you deliberately deposit yourself there? More than a week? More than a month?

Altogether business owners, especially network marketers, absence to grow their businesses. Setting the goal to grow is the at ease part; the more difficult part is creating a plan that encourages such growth. The comfort zone Think of the comfort zone as a affectionate and snuggly blanket that you bind around yourself. You can live your entire life wrapped within this absolute figuratively, of course. You have en route for shed that cozy blanket and deal with the possibilities that exist outside of it.

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