Is a high sex drive ruining your relationship? Asks Tracey Cox

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The menstrual cycle occurs in three phases that coincide with hormonal changes: Follicular phase The first day of a period marks the beginning of a new menstrual cycle. During a period, blood and tissue from the uterus exit the body through the vagina. Estrogen and progesterone levels are very low at this point, and this can cause irritability and mood changes. The pituitary gland also releases FSH and LH, which increase estrogen levels and signal follicle growth in the ovaries. Each follicle contains one egg. After a few days, one dominant follicle will emerge in each ovary. The ovaries will absorb the remaining follicles. As the dominant follicle continues growing, it will produce more estrogen. This increase in estrogen stimulates the release of endorphins that raise energy levels and improve mood.

But, being a man with a sex-drive-from-hell, I feel your pain. I don't have a sex drive from a nightmare, just a high one. I've had sexual relationships and romantic relations all the rage the past. I don't have a sufficient amount time to have as much femininity as I probably would if I had nothing to do all calendar day.

James Watson, the Nobel prize-winning geneticist who was jointly responsible for discovering the structure of DNA, believes that plumper women are also likely to benefit from a better sex life than their thin counterparts. Dr Watson, who absorbed the successful human genome project, has moved into the controversial science of body image. He told an addressee at University College London that his research suggested extra pounds had the biological effect of making a female well-rounded in character and better all the rage bed. Posh Spice and Calista Flockhart might smile for the photographers, he claimed, but beneath their sleek exteriors lurked miserable thin souls.

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