Auntie Sally Ch. 01

Aunties love sex hang 35813

She is four years younger than my mom and they had always been close. Both are attractive, around the same height, maybe five-five or five-six, and both with the same dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and slim, in-shape bodies. They both looked quite a bit younger than their actual ages. I grew up in a single-parent home with just my mother Terri and my sister Anna, who is a year older than I. My name is Chad. I never knew my father.

Amount 1. Based on a real caprice. I'm not sure exactly when, although at some stage during puberty I developed a sexual attraction towards my Auntie Sally. Curvaceous, amazing ass, attractive face that looked like a slutty Sandra Bullock, perfect tits -- after that to top it all off she knew exactly how to present herself.

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