8 Wheelchair Accessible Trip Ideas in New York State

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By Danielle Zoellner For Dailymail. A disabled man who uses a wheelchair and his able-bodied girlfriend have documented their relationship in inspirational videos to help break the stigma of those with disabilities. Shane Burcaw26, from Pennsylvania was born with a neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy SMAand he has used a wheelchair since the age of two. Three years ago, he received a message from his now-girlfriend Hannah Aylward23, after she watched a documentary that Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight from The Office, produced about Shane's life.

As a result of Dailymail. Shane Burcaw , 27, after that Hannah Aylward , 24, have earned international attention for shedding light arrange interabled relationships, sharing their story after that details of their life together arrange social media, including their popular 'Squirmy and Grubs' YouTube channel. Earlier this month, the Minnesota couple said 'I do' in a private ceremony all the rage their backyard — but when Hannah proudly shared photos from the blissful occasion, some commenters were quick en route for show the worst of themselves, character that their marriage couldn't be actual and accusing Hannah of being a gold-digger. They do! Shane Burcaw, 27, and Hannah Aylward, 24, got conjugal earlier this month. Shane, a author and public speaker, was born along with Spinal Muscular Atrophy SMA , a neuromuscular disease causes muscles to decline over time. He has been all the rage an electric wheelchair since he was two, and can barely move his legs, arms, and hands. After examination a documentary that The Office best Rainn Wilson produced about Shane's animation, Hannah reached out complimenting Shane arrange his sense of humor and his writing before admitting that she accepted wisdom he was very cute. They got to know each other through FaceTime calls and text messages and finally fell in love.

Available on vacation always requires a able deal of planning. You need en route for arrange flights, drive highways and charge accommodations. Browse Sensory Products. Both parks have a variety of accommodations designed for guests with disabilities, including parking. After it comes to wheelchair-friendly attractions, Disney World is unmatched. The attractions which allow guests to stay in a wheelchair or ECV are found all the rage these areas of the park:. Equally Disney World and Disneyland both allow a comprehensive host of services so as to cater to multiple disabilities.

Dating is complicated at the best of times, but social stigma means dating someone with a disability is hardly ever discussed. After Hannah and Shane a moment ago tied the knot at an allude to home ceremony, they shared a photograph of the day on social media. The reason, YouTubers Shane and Hannah believe, is because he's disabled after that she's not. Shane has spinal beefy atrophy and has used a wheelchair since he was two. The combine, who live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, acquaint with BBC Three that the knee-jerk answer reflects how misinformed many people allay are towards disability and dating. Shane, 28, says the lack of activist representation often made him feel akin to he would never find a affiliate. Hannah, 24, says that while Shane's disability never bothered her they got chatting after she saw one of his vlogs onlineshe'd equally never met anyone who used a wheelchair before had a physical disability.

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