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Figurative phrases or popular expressions that children and English Language Learners ELL come across can be confusing because their meaning is different from each of their individual words. We offer a collection of useful idioms, explanations of their meaning, and links to relevant stories that provide context. Beginner English learners may enjoy Pre-K Wordplay! Phrases are offered alphabetically below; use your control-F key function to search for specific idiom phrases.

Hardiness has been an admirable trait all the rage the world of hip-hop for absolutely some time. The game has all the time placed a premium on street cred, which is a testament to one's reputation throughout the areas they common and beyond. Street cred can be attained through various means, but arresting fear in others is one of the more prevalent -- and actual -- ways to go about body respected in the streets, as able-bodied as in the realm of hip-hop. Going back as early as pioneers like Melle Mel, who was individual of the first street-certified MCs all the rage rap, hip-hop had its fair allocate of imposing figures during the s, including Just-Ice, Eric B. While around were more than a few alarming figures in rap, much of the music made prior to -- after acts like N. That decade would see hip-hop continuously come under animate due to controversial lyrics. The critics perceived the lines as promoting aggressive acts and criminality under the appearance of keeping it real.

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