50 Shag Hairstyles That Are Trending Now

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Platinum Blonde Wavy Shag. Say hello en route for your Marilyn Monroe side with a platinum blonde wavy shag haircut. Elongate Center-Parted Shag Haircut. Look effortless after that sexy with a centre-parted long coated shag haircut. Cute Mid-Length Shag.

A shag haircut is generally made ahead of three things: choppy close-cropped layers, bangs, and a center part. Although in the past few years the style has evolved from something so as to would be seen on an above in Almost Famous to looser adaptations. The best thing about shags is this versatility. Paired with the actuality that the cut can subtly appeal to attention to the features you adoration best and highlight your face affect, it makes sense that shags would be all over Hollywood. Need add convincing? We rounded up some of the best shag haircuts out around, whether you want something edgy akin to Miley Cyrus, full and bouncy akin to Zendaya, or long and flowing akin to Halle Berry. Here are the coolest takes on the trend. Few bangs look incredible on everyone the approach curtain bangs do.

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