Barriers to condom use among women at risk of HIV/AIDS: a qualitative study from Iran

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Myths and facts about Fact: Studies indicate that a condom rarely slips off completely during intercourse. Slippage during withdrawal can be minimized if the rim of the condom is held against the base of the penis during withdrawal after ejaculation. If a man notices a break or slip, he should tell his partner so that she can use emergency contraceptive pills if she wants. Myth: Effectiveness Some men and women who seek family planning do not want to use male condoms because they incorrectly believe that condoms are not effective in preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. It works by forming a barrier that keeps sperm out of the vagina, preventing pregnancy. It also keeps infections that are in semen, on the penis, or in the vagina from infecting the other partner.

Conceptual Background The growing trend of women infected with HIV through sexual broadcast is alarming. Factors influencing condom abuse have not yet been fully identified, especially in countries with conservative cultures and backgrounds. The present study designed to explore the barriers of condom use in Iranian women at attempt of HIV. Qualitative analysis of the data was conducted manually and was guided by constant comparative analysis. Results Two main barriers, personal and socio-environmental emerged from data analysis. Lack of perceived threat, absence of protective drive, inadequate knowledge, perceived lack of be in charge of, negative attitudes towards condom and misperception were the major personal barriers, although unsupportive environments and cultural norms were the common socio-environmental barriers to condom use among these at risk women. Conclusions These critical barriers have en route for be addressed for implementing effective anticipation programs against HIV among populations by risk for HIV. Peer Review reports Background The estimated HIV prevalence of over five percent among injection medicine users of Iran strongly indicates so as to the country is being threatened as a result of an HIV epidemic. Despite the authority of the National Harm Reduction program to overcome the growing trend of HIV among this high risk inhabitant, grave concerns are emerging regarding, all the rage particular, sexual transmission of HIV.

This study examines the impact of socioeconomic determinants, media exposure, and sexual expectations on sexual behaviors of men after that women in the Dominican Republic DR. Measures included demographic and socioeconomic indicators, social exposures, sexual expectations and sexual behaviors. Logistic regression models explored femininity differences in condom use. The chance of condom use increased for adolescent women 15—19 years old in assessment with women age 30—34 years, although decreased as they grew older. Body currently married or formerly married after that living in rural areas decreased such likelihood among women.

Complete tables showing the calculation of the global condom gap by country, as well as population size estimates and condom abuse levels, are available in Tables A-E in S1 File. Addressing double after that triple counting of condom use As a person can use a condom simultaneously for pregnancy, HIV, and STI prevention, it was important in our analysis to avoid potential double- before triple-counting of condom use. To curtail double- or triple-counting, we segmented the universe of condom users into attempt groups in relation to HIV after that STI transmission. We categorized condoms allied with these users as family arrangement condoms. For measuring impact, however, we assumed that a condom used designed for family planning also affords protection adjacent to HIV and STI transmission.

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