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After being brought back by the BlipBucky has spent his newfound freedom by trying to make amends with all the people he hurt when he was the Winter Soldier. His tactics at first were questionable to say the least, like threatening a HYDRA agent he helped get elected or avoiding telling the truth to Yori Nakajima about murdering his son. Plus, Bucky has a therapistworking through his own trauma of being a man out of time who was brainwashed for decades; seriously, every Avenger needs to invest in their mental health. Bucky completed his atonement list of people he wronged as the Winter Soldier and has put in the work to be a better man. He and the other Avengers defeated Thanos and saved the day, which is more than enough to be on the nice list. However, in those five years between the Snap and the Blip, he went on a rampage as the vigilante, Roninand brutally killed criminals. He has given up those days and is looking forward to a quiet Christmas holiday with his family, but he has yet to face judgment for his actions. Until he can make amends for his Ronin years, Santa is putting him on the naughty list. However, while he was Cap, he killed a Flag Smasher who surrendered in broad daylight.

We all tell ourselves that the holidays are a time for reflection after that for sharing Christmas traditions with friends and family. But let's be honest: The real reason for the flavour is the big guy in the red suit. Santa Claus brings the real magic ahem, the presents en route for the Christmas season when he shows up for Christmas Eve festivities. Whether your family shares religious Christmas quotes or Christmas Bible verses around the table or just traditional Christmas sayingsthere's no better time to share your love and appreciation for the flavour.

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