“Looking forward to seeing you” in Business Writing

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Active Oldest Votes 17 There's two different things going on here, both of which use the word to, which is probably what's confusing you. The rule your teacher taught you applies to infinitives, in the context of sentences where there are two verbs, like I like to run. The verb following to is in the present tense, as is expected. In this case, to is known as a particle, which is basically a word that doesn't fit into nice grammatical categories, but has some meaning. I like to running. Is not correct. However, what's happening here is that to is a preposition connected to the adverb forward, which is modifying looking. You look forward to nouns. These sentences are all acceptable: I look forward to my wedding.

Although for some non-natives, these expressions could get a little awkward particularly after the individual meaning of words after that how they relate to one a different are dissected inappropriately. Quit staying all the rage that unholy, negative town, for our post today will keep all of your confusion at bay. This is a common expression used to articulate excitement at an upcoming meeting. Soin order to understand the grammatical add of the entire expression, we allow to group the words accordingly. This phrase has to be treated alone to remove the obscurity.

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