Women : Do Not Belong Here: Gender-Work Identity Conflict among Female Police Officers

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Today, he heads the criminal justice program at the R Street Institute, a center-right think tank in DC. And he wants you to know that American policing is even more broken than you think. They were called in to deal with a woman they knew had mental illness; she was flailing around and had cut someone with a broken plant pick. To subdue her, one of the officers body-slammed her against a door. Rizer recalls that Montgomery officers were nervous about being watched during such a violent arrest — until they found out he had once been a cop. When I was a police officer and doing these kind of ride-alongs [as a researcher], you see the underbelly of it. African Americans are arrested and roughed up by cops at wildly disproportionate ratesrelative to both their overall share of the population and the percentage of crimes they commit. To understand how the police think about themselves and their job, I interviewed more than a dozen former officers and experts on policing. These sources, ranging from conservatives to police abolitionists, painted a deeply disturbing picture of the internal culture of policing.

Karen Phalet Center for Social and Artistic Psychology, Department of Psychology, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium The current paper examines antecedents and consequences of perceiving argue between gender and work identities all the rage male-dominated professions. Although lowering team affinity might enable employees to cope along with conflicting social identities and hence care for the self, this may also allow its costs, as lower team affinity predicted higher turnover intentions, more burn-out symptoms, less extra role behavior, bring down job satisfaction, lower work motivation, after that lower perceived performance. The results act the importance of the team background in shaping a climate of all the rage compatible identities for numerically underrepresented after that historically undervalued social group members all the rage order to hinder or protect their work outcomes. Being a member of a social group that is a numerical minority can lead people en route for feel less valued in their act team or in the organization at the same time as a whole because of their collective identity Inzlicht and Good, The quote above from a female accomplice illustrates this can indeed be the case for women working in an organization such as the police break down, which has a relatively short account of female employees and where women are still strongly underrepresented worldwide Agency of Justice Statistics, ; Statistics Belgium, ; Europol, She feels a lesser amount of valued in her team due en route for her gender and feels like she has to prove herself even add than her male colleagues to be equally valued. Put differently, she feels that her team members believe her gender to conflict with her act.

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