Thunder Bay street nurse shares what she sees on the job

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Condoms are shown in Montreal in this Nov. Today, 4 of every 10 new HIV infections occur in people younger than 30, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- and the teen years, just as youths become sexually active, are key for getting across the safe-sex message. Using a long-standing survey of high school students' health, the CDC tracked how teen sexual behaviour has changed over 20 years. The results are decidedly mixed. About 60 per cent of sexually active high school students say they used a condom the last time they had sex, researchers said Tuesday at the International AIDS Conference. That's an improvement from the 46 per cent who were using condoms in But, we need to do a lot more. Black students are most likely to heed the safe-sex message, yet their condom use dropped from a high of 70 per cent in to 65 per cent last year, the study found. If mom and dad get antsy about discussing condoms, well, about half of high school students have had sex, a proportion that hasn't changed much over the two decades, the CDC reported.

The Pill is among the most actual forms of birth control, but it requires that women dose themselves along with potentially hazardous hormones every month. A moment ago, however, researchers have been making advance on new forms of male contraception. This could finally give people along with penises more tools to keep the bassinet at bay. The day can soon come when people can abide greater control of their reproductive coming, rather than letting the female affiliate do all of the work. Although wait!

Five nights a week a refurbished ambulance is found in the Victoriaville area of Thunder Bay. They're there en route for do harm reduction and sexual fitness services. Things like sexually transmitted bug and anonymous HIV testing, and handing out condoms, clean needles, inhalation after that naloxone kits. She's been working at the same time as street nurse as part of the sexual health unit for a day. The ambulance is always busy. Ancestor often come by with wounds so as to need treatment, or help with constant conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. They do the best along with what they have, treating the wounds with gauze and saline solution although sometimes they need more involved anxiety like prescription dressings. It can be hard to keep wounds clean after you're living on the streets after that people often don't want to attempt to a walk-in clinic or the hospital for treatment for many reasons. They're unable to wait for elongate periods of times, or they don't have transportation to get there.

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