50 Violent Rap Lyrics That Will Make You Cringe

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The game has always placed a premium on street cred, which is a testament to one's reputation throughout the areas they frequent and beyond. Avenue cred can be attained through a choice of means, but striking fear in others is one of the more common -- and effective -- ways en route for go about being respected in the streets, as well as in the realm of hip-hop. Going back at the same time as early as pioneers like Melle Mel, who was one of the at the outset street-certified MCs in rap, hip-hop had its fair share of imposing figures during the s, including Just-Ice, Eric B. While there were more than a few fearsome figures in blow, much of the music made aforementioned to -- when acts like N. That decade would see hip-hop ad infinitum come under fire due to contentious lyrics. The critics perceived the lines as promoting violent acts and criminality under the guise of keeping it real. Fans and the greater broadcast have become somewhat desensitized from the harsh realities laid on wax after that now categorize it as closer en route for entertainment than a testimonial.

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