Benchmark issue 5 2011

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RSS Feed Search. Several of these spaces are typical school or academic research libraries, where students, faculty, and staff can check out the majority of these books. Valued not only for research purposes, they also serve as historical objects which help individually or collectively to tell the Cranbrook story. The origin of book collecting at Cranbrook actually predates any of the current collection spaces and begins with Cranbrook founders George and Ellen Booth. George, in particular, was an enthusiastic collector, and started acquiring volumes incommissioning purchases of William Morris works and other fine books in London. Though the window was the gift of Florence Booth Beresford and her husband James, the choice of women to be included was made by the Reverend Samuel S. Marquisthe first rector of the church. What is intriguing is how or why the Rev. Marquis chose the women who appear.

Abode » ICE need support to stay: former player. I played four seasons in Cranbrook and grew to adoration many things about the place so as to I called home each winter. I personally owe this organization a days of gratitude because I met my wife while playing there nearly eight years ago. I was placed along with an incredible billet family that took me in as a son, a brother and my entire family was welcomed with open arms. Do you think Cranbrook will be able en route for replace the entertainment of watching a WHL team?

The Next Meeting Please contact Christine Newman at christine hotmail. The capitol is grid-locked. The hospitals are overflowing.

Editorial column Welcome to the fifth edition of Benchmark which I hope will amuse and engage you over the summer months. His first full length charge of poems is about to be published by Puncher and Wattman. The Red Room Company is a non-profit organisation that creates, promotes and publishes new Australian poetry in imaginative, exciting and magical ways. For more in a row, view their website at redroomcompany. A few of the poems the students created for their anthology, attempted defiance, are published here. The boys have swaggered along the more rebellious laneways of their minds and left a dangle of poetic musings in their wakes. I am sure that you bidding agree they are edgy and challenge pieces. As always, I thank Tony Ronaldson for his wise editing assistance. He and I spend many hours reading the poems selected by teachers, and are always delighted to accompany such a wide range of topics and poetic forms.

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