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Nudists keep saying that their lifestyle is non-sexual, but how does that really work? Are they really not attracted to other naked people? If nudism is such a non-sexual thing, are nudists having any sex at all? Interestingly, this topic is almost always started by a non-nudist. Which is understandable.

Actions If you want to be bare in public in Canada, you be able to generally only do so on designated beaches or hiking trails. Nudist clubs can be found across Canada, along with Vancouver's clothing-optional Wreck Beach alone boasting up to 14, daily visitors all summer. Novelist Mark Haskell Smith hunt to find out what the allure to nudism was all about, accordingly he lived inside the world of nonsexual social nudism for two years. His new book, Naked at Lunchis a history of organized nudism collective with a layman's guide to the clothing-optional world. He spoke to Brent about his experiences, from nudist cruises and beach resorts to buying groceries in the buff.

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