Playful Parenting with Older Children and Teens

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All the way through play, kids express feelings, needs, thoughts, and ideas that they might not yet have the words to clear. Playing together lets parents connect after that communicate with kids beyond a banter and provides insight into their earth. But how does playtime change at the same time as kids get older? How can parents adapt their approach to playful parenting after kids outgrow the desire en route for get silly, wrestle, and pretend? Troper has four children ages 6 en route for 19, and though she says it can be difficult to find behaviour to play that suit all of her kids, it is important a sufficient amount to continue to try. While adolescent children enjoy the rough-and-tumble play of wrestling, tackling, being tossed, rolled, before carried, older children and their budding logical brains enjoy sports, games, after that other organized activities. Interactive physical action provides emotionally connecting experiences for parents and kids.

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