Loneliness Matters: A Theoretical and Empirical Review of Consequences and Mechanisms

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Our writers answer some of the commonest queries. L oneliness is a cautious bastard. As much as we can like to think it is a symptom of old age — the kind of thing that only happens when everyone you loved is laying supine six feet under — it can touch anyone from any become old or demographic. Loneliness does not discriminate; it is so prolific that you could say it is an bound to happen quirk of human existence. In aloneness, my friend, you are not alone: a Red Cross study revealed so as to 9 million people in the UK are always or often lonely. You are right to want to alleviate your loneliness, of course.

Aim out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Administrative area of Psychology, University of Chicago, E. As a social species, humans rely on a safe, secure social besiege to survive and thrive. Perceptions of social isolation, or loneliness, increase alertness for threat and heighten feelings of vulnerability while also raising the appeal to reconnect. Implicit hypervigilance for collective threat alters psychological processes that affect physiological functioning, diminish sleep quality, after that increase morbidity and mortality. The aim of this paper is to analysis the features and consequences of aloneness within a comprehensive theoretical framework so as to informs interventions to reduce loneliness. We review physical and mental health consequences of loneliness, mechanisms for its belongings, and effectiveness of extant interventions.

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