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Snark ahoy! The protagonists are barely two-dimensional, their behaviour is inconsistent and frequently contradictory, and the big reveal before the halfway point is no surprise whatsoever. Violet Carlton has been left destitute following the recent death of her grandmother and has reached the point where the only thing of value she has left to sell is herself. Remembering the name of a brothel once mentioned by her deceased brother who was killed more than a year earlier in a duel Violet makes her way there and asks the madam to employ her. A lovely, well-bred virgin will fetch a high price, so the woman is quite happy to accommodate Violet, and five days later, she is sent her first client, the man who has bought and paid for her virtue. He takes her to the house that was, until recently, occupied by his mistress, promising Violet that he expects nothing in return, and explaining that he knew her brother slightly and is doing his gentlemanly duty by rescuing a damsel in distress. Tristan, Viscount Trevor, installs Violet in the house and offers to try to find her respectable employment as a companion or governess. Over the next few weeks, they spend time together in the evenings, talking and getting to know each other, until — bam!

Shelves: historical-romance , books Lord Ferdinand has won a small country property, Pinewood, in a game of cards. The day he goes to check it out he finds the town is very quaint and enjoys himself by a carnival. It is there he meets a very beautiful and baffling woman. The next morning he arrives at Pinewood expecting a run along property and instead finds it blooming and occupied by the very alike mystery woman, Viola Thornhill. Ms Thornhill is a woman of many secrets and refuses to leave her abode, but Ferdinand believes he has Lord Ferdinand has won a small countryside property, Pinewood, in a game of cards. Ms Thornhill is a female of many secrets and refuses en route for leave her home, but Ferdinand believes he has won the property adequate and square and insists on affecting in.

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