Covid: Double vaccinated can still spread virus at home

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This set Peston wondering how common it is for the fully vaccinated to get the disease. His analysis is now complete. These numbers give us the first clear indication of how effective COVID vaccines are at protecting people from getting COVID or from suffering serious ill health in those unlucky enough to catch the bug. On the face of it, the case numbers appear concerning. So it makes more sense to look at case rates: the proportion of unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people who tested positive for COVID.

Coronavirus pandemic Image source, Getty Images Alter ego jabbed people are catching Covid after that passing it on to those they live with, warn experts who allow studied UK household cases. Individuals who have had two vaccine doses be able to be just as infectious as those who have not been jabbed. The Lancet Infectious Diseases work shows why getting even more people vaccinated after that protected is important, they say. Unvaccinated people cannot rely on those about them being jabbed to remove their risk of getting infected, they advise. Vaccines do an excellent job of preventing serious Covid illness and deaths, but are less good at stopping infections, particularly since the emergence of the more infectious Delta variant which is dominant in the UK.

Coronavirus What does appearance of Omicron alternative mean for the double-vaccinated? We achieve out how much protection Covid vaccines may offer amid speculation new alternative could be more resistant See altogether our coronavirus coverage A health communication at Heathrow airport following the breakthrough of the new Covid variant, Omicron, in the UK. But what does that mean for the average double-vaccinated person? All the vaccines currently accessible in the UK work by education the immune system against the coronavirus spike protein — the key it uses to infect cells by band to the ACE2 receptor. Delta has two RBD mutations. The question is, how much protection? More importantly, vaccinated individuals are roughly nine times a lesser amount of likely to die if they accomplish become infected.

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