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What is DBS? Moving more and sitting less can help prevent or treat dead butt syndrome, but you need to be aware that this odd-sounding condition can lead to other problems if not taken seriously. Symptoms of DBS After sitting for a long time, the gluteal muscles glutes in your buttocks can feel numb or even a little sore. But walking and some mild stretching can bring them back to life fairly quickly.

Although we know all too well so as to with so many styles, fits, after that fabrics out there, finding the absolute pair of jeans that flatters your figure, contours your assets, and fits like a glove is not all the time an easy feat. Two style details to consider are the position of the back pockets and the aim of the yoke. The yoke is the V-shaped section at the ago of the jeans that gives denim a curved seat. Typically, the deeper the V, the more shapelier your bum will look.

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