Sexsomnia: a contentious diagnosis

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People experiencing sleep sex as a side effect of prescription medications may need to stop taking the drugs or change the dosage. In many cases though, the benefit of the medication outweighs the side effects, so treatment may focus on reducing the impact of sexsomnia symptoms. Treatment and management It seems that the best way to treat the condition is to maintain a healthy, regular, sleep-wake schedule. In most reported cases, symptoms of sexsomnia were reduced or resolved when individuals got more consistent, high-quality sleep. The actual effect of treatment on sexsomnia is poorly understood because the symptoms are difficult to track long-term. In some reported cases, off-label medications designed and approved for the treatment of other conditions have been used to manage sexsomnia. Treating underlying conditions that cause sleep disruption, such as sleep apnea, may also reduce or resolve cases of sexsomnia.

Results: In the available literature the comorbidity of sexsomnia and other sleep disorders were reported mainly in case reports and less in case series. Conclusions: Sexsomnia has still not been reported in the literature as often at the same time as other parasomnias. Introduction Parasomnias comprise a category of sleep disorders with aberrant physical events movements or behaviorsexperiences dreams, emotions, perceptionsand autonomic nervous system action. They can appear during entry addicted to sleep, within sleep or during arousals [ 12 ]. Most parasomnias are dissociated sleep states which are biased arousals during the transitions between wakefulness and non-rapid eye movement NREM be asleep, or wakefulness and rapid eye movements REM sleep [ 1 ]. So as to is why parasomnias can be alienate into NREM sleep, rapid eye advance REM sleep, and other parasomnias which usually appear in different sleep stages or during sleep onset or balance [ 1 ].

E-mail: rb. Abstract We describe a year-old married woman diagnosed with sexsomnia at the same time as a NREM parasomnia, who sought check-up assistance motivated by relationship problems along with her husband after two sexsomnia episodes. This is the second case of sexsomnia reported in Brazil, but the first case with comprehensive follow-up. The patient was clinically evaluated, no psychiatric history was found, and she denied using pharmaceutical or recreational drugs.

Treatments that improve the quality of be asleep may help to reduce the commonness of events. When your sleep improves, it can also reduce levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Start at once The implications of sleepsex Sexsomnia, as a result of its very nature, can have a profound impact on both the person with the condition and their partners. As people with sexsomnia tend en route for have no recollection of the events, it can be scary and baffling to learn that they have been carrying out behaviours outside of their conscious control. For the bed affiliate, a range of feelings can be expected emcompassing everything from fear en route for enjoyment.

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