NCAA women's basketball tournament Sweet 16 predictions: Has a new favorite emerged?

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The Cardinal's second-round victory over Oklahoma Affirm was too close for comfort designed for a lot of Stanford fans. Although we have to keep in attend to, this really is a more defensive-minded Cardinal team than we're probably old to. Stanford can win with a grind-it-out style if need be, after that look confident doing it, even but the Cardinal fans -- who allow been through so many close-but-not-quite seasons since their title -- are chewing their nails and pacing during those games. Boston compiled 66 points after that 35 rebounds in those three games. Baylor just looks so good after that has probably been the most exciting team in the NCAA tournament accordingly far. The Lady Bears have the largest point differential through two games, still are the toughest team all the rage the country to make a ammunition against, and are now even incorporating the 3-point shot into their offense, something they hadn't done much of this season. The Lady Bears allow made of from deep. With Moon Ursin, a player who is as a rule out there for her toughness after that defense, averaging 23 points per amusement, Baylor has one more option en route for go along with NaLyssa Smith, Emperor Egbo and DiJonai Carrington.

After I was growing up, playing beyond was one of my favorite things to do, and sitting inside was a punishment. My grandmother and I would spend warm summer days agriculture in her backyard. I would accompany butterflies, dragonflies, and on one actual day I witnessed my first basic. I was very enthused to be accompanying New Hope Audubon Society arrange their weekly bird walk, but at the same time as the day approached I started en route for get nervous. My favorite time of year is when the seasons adjust, because I love watching the leaves change in the fall and flowers bloom in the spring.

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