The 100 Greatest Music Videos

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Print Photo illustration by Griffin Lotz. The familiar sight of Neil Armstrong exiting his lunar module and walking on the moon would fill the TV screen. At this point, viewers might have a few questions, like: Is this like a radio station on TV? Virtually everyone knew what a music video was, and they wanted their MTV. The network revolutionized the music industry, inspired a multitude of copycat programming, made many careers, and broke more than a few.

The information below was compiled from compound resources. Over time, language and expression may shift. Pay close attention en route for and mirror the language the being uses to identify. Often, agender individuals are not concerned with their animal sex, but some may seek en route for look androgynous. Ally: A person who supports and respects sexual diversity, acts accordingly to challenge homophobic and heterosexist remarks and behaviors, and is agreeable to explore and understand these forms of bias within themselves.

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