Living with a New Partner After Abuse

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Owen Gent for The Marshall Project and Longreads By Kathryn Joyce Tara Coronado, a year-old mother of four, sat in a nondescript Austin courtroom six years ago during a custody fight with her ex-husband, biting her tongue as the judge dressed her down. Coronado was angry. She married Ed Cunningham, a former football star turned lawyer and businessman, and had three boys and a girl. Outside their custody battle, Cunningham was facing a separate criminal charge of assaulting Coronado shortly before their divorce‚ÄĒallegations he adamantly denied. Coronado obtained an emergency protection order, and Cunningham was arrested. But a year later, in front of the court, it was Coronado under scrutiny.

After that obviously now I look back, it was a lot of raping at the same time as well. But in this relationship it was more like moving things, betrayal things, always with me, very controlling with their wording. Silently controlling. I knew something was wrong because I felt on edge and I felt scared a lot of the age. Felt scared? That he had be in charge of of my finances and things akin to that. How long were you together? Since until And when did it dawn on you, when did you realise this is abuse?

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