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Kru released a hip hop re-imagining of the song entitled The Devil Came Up to Michigan infeaturing the devil and a deejay competing for a turntable of gold. This version uses electric guitars instead of fiddles, though the original lyrics are still performed. It is played as the conclusion of the game in a simulated guitar battle with the devil. Daniels objected to this version on the grounds that the devil may win the contest, which he referred to as violating the very essence of the song. In this version's official music video, group leader Adam Ezra, who wrote the lyrics to the parody, narrates it with an exaggerated version of his real-life Boston accent, and the Devil is depicted as a New York Yankees fan, playing off the historic rivalry between the Yankees and Boston Red Sox. In her rendition Johnny is replaced by Michelle. The narration is performed by Home Free bass singer Tim Foust.

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