Does boob size matter more to guys or girls?

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I think I'm proportional to my frame. I'm comfortable. I know a lot of girls that can be jealous of women with bigger boobs, and men that say they prefer bigger boobs or small. So who do think cares more about the size. Does boob size matter more to guys or girls? Add Opinion. It's like women say about dicks: doesn't matter how big it is, but what you can do with it.

Around is a whole industry devoted en route for making women feel bad about their small boobs. But, for the women who are using those resources en route for theoretically make themselves more desirable en route for men , the question remains — is all that effort worth it? Do women really need surgery before store-bought solutions to make men achieve them attractive despite their small breast size? Young boys might obsess above boobs, but men… men are addicted to asses.

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