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It is a dance film that because of the success of movies like Flashdance and Footloose was released. Janey with her parents and brother moved to a suburb of Chicago and touches on the rigorous girls ' school friends with the outspoken and spontaneous Lynn, who together share a passion for dancing in General and Dance TV in particular. If there is announced a competition in Chicago in which a new fixed dance couple for Dance TV is wanted, do Lynn and Janey took part in the audition. However, there is a problem, Janey's authoritarian father gives no permission for something like that. At the audition is Janey associated with the sympathetic and attractive Jeff. Janey will have to overcome many obstacles in order to be a fixed face at Dance TV Pop Culture Wiki Explore. Recently Changed Pages Agents of S. Recent blog posts Forum.

Ball to the cheesy '80s beat along with tweens and up. Average 4. Altogether Rights Reserved. All rights reserved. Clown 1 hr 27 min Pluto Box. Janey is new to Chicago after that soon meets Lynne who shares her passion for dancing and the act Dance TV. Lynne talks her addicted to sneaking out and Janey impresses the judges with her gymnastic ability after that is paired up with blue-collar abysmal boy Jeff.

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