Can You Be Friends With Your Ex Once You’re Married?

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He considers her his best female friend. Trombetti adds that you really need to watch out if the ex continues to play the role his best gal pal. He compares you to her. Sure, it may be nice to hear that you're so much more amazing than your guy's ex, but if he's really over her, he wouldn't find the need to make such associations, Walsh said. He doesn't bring you around mutual friends. When you're in a relationship with someone, you should want to share your whole world with them — and old friends are a big part of that.

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Examination the site Am I Being Unreasonable? I wasn't expecting to lose my family to my ex-husband in my divorce. Now I want them en route for cut ties with my ex. Am I being unreasonable?

The truth is, marriage shouldn't be the dealbreaker. Sometimes, being friends with an ex is totally natural. Either you dated a long time ago before your relationship was never that acute, so it was easy to alteration. But emotions are complicated—and often the situation is a lot more confusing.

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