Are you married to a sex addict?

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The Rutland Centre has seen a rise in the numbers seeking help for sexual addiction. In1 per cent of its clients were treated for sex addiction and that figure has now risen to 5 per cent. Partners of sex addicts go through deep trauma but specialist support services are poor in Ireland. The Rutland Centre is trying to change this and is running a workshop for partners on Saturday, May 25th.

Accomplish these husbands fall in love before are they just sex addicts, after that why do they do it? Can you repeat that? is sex addiction? Sex addiction is when a person uses sex at the same time as a coping mechanism for all the problems and stresses in their animation. Sex is not about the animal act or the mental and affecting intimacy to them. Instead, sex is a crutch, a filler, used en route for fill the empty space in their life left by some other disappointed need. Sometimes the addict even prefers their fantasy sex world to average relational sex with their partner contained by a committed relationship.

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