Safe Exploring for Toddlers

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Print On the Move Toddlers — it's hard to imagine a more fitting name for this stage of development. Between the ages of 1 and 3, toddlers are literally scooting away from babyhood in search of new adventures. They're learning to talk, to walk and run, and to assert their independence. For many in this age group, outside and play are becoming common requests.

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Carry Cooking can help young kids ascertain and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills. And reating meals with you can help assemble their self-confidence and lay the base for healthy eating habits. It can take a little flexibility and a few simple prep work. But with the right expectations, your time in the kitchen with your preschooler can be an adventure you'll both enjoy. How Cooking Can Help Preschoolers Bringing kids into the kitchen can be able for them in a number of ways. Cooking can help: Build central skills. Help build basic math skills by doing something as simple at the same time as counting eggs or pouring water addicted to a measuring cup.

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