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Instead, she will be moving into a hotel — a result of Indiana University's reduction in on-campus housing availability. Fewer students at IU and at universities around the United States will be allowed to stay in either dorms or fraternity and sorority houses in an effort to maintain social distancing protocols. Some students, including those who are immunocompromised or who live internationally, are simply opting to complete the academic year remotely. Yet many are like Oleshansky: Eager to still get some part of the college experience this year, even if it's through socially distanced social events and modified extracurriculars only. Nearly all of the tenets of the traditional college experience — packed lectures, campus parties, even cafeteria-style meals in crowded dining halls — aren't in the college cards this year as the coronavirus pandemic drags on. As universities grapple with how to open safely and maintain a semblance of normalcy in an unprecedented year, they are reducing class sizes and tapping teaching assistants to run small sections. Dining and extracurriculars will take place outdoors as long as weather permits. Temperature checks and sanitizing stations will be de rigeur at building entrances such as libraries and campus stores.

All the rage a new program called Graduate Cares, the Stadium Village hotel is aperture its rooms to students and using new cleaning and safety procedures en route for provide an alternative to on-campus accommodation. There are currently about 40 students staying at The Graduate. First-year apprentice Claire Binnicker said she thinks the dorms are managing the influx of new students well by adhering en route for strict guidelines. However, she said she is hoping regulations loosen up as a result of next semester. She said students act ping pong and watch movies all the rage their buildings and are allowed en route for have one guest in a area at a time. There is contactless delivery for sheets and towels, after that the Graduate is providing basic maintenance services once a week as elongate as students are not in their rooms.

November 23, at p. At least four UC campuses have resorted to hotels to house students this fall. The option provided temporary relief to hundreds of students. But the financial aid campuses offered varied. And for a lot of students, finding more permanent, affordable accommodation remains elusive, even as the aim of fall quarter nears.

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