9 Things Therapists Want You To Know If You’ve Only Been In One Serious Relationship

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When you go through your first real breakupit will probably be like nothing you expected. But you may learn something really important: even though it can feel like a failure in the moment, having your first serious relationship come to an end can teach you a lot about yourself — and make you acutely aware of how many relationship lessons you still have yet to learn. After that first breakup, you will feel more resilient, have a better sense of personal strength, and won't run from emotional pain if it leads to what's best for you. Going through a breakup — particularly your very first breakup — is never a fun experience, but the one silver lining is that it will have hopefully left you feeling more aware of your needsand more empowered to find someone who's an even better match for you. Whether you have just one relationship under your belt or a dozen, here are nine pieces of relationship advice from therapists that can help you build better, healthier relationships in the future. In order to find a partner you're compatible with long-term, it's important to first be aware of your own core values — and then look for a partner whose values align with your own. Laura Louis, Ph. So many couples find themselves breaking up because they truly value different things. Understanding what's important to your [partner] will help you navigate the relationship and create a deeper understanding of who they are.

The guy that you have the a good number fun with might not be the best relationship material. Taking your affiliation to the next level can be very scary, and you need en route for know that you can fully assign your partner. Ask them upfront but they have your back no affair what, even when they are absurd at you or have issues. You need to know that thick after that thin. They will be there designed for you.

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