Pus In a Wound After Surgery

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Treating the Wound Pus, also known at the same time as purulent drainage, is a general call for a collection of thick, a lot white fluid that accumulates around the source of an infection. This be able to occur around many types of infections, but can be particularly alarming afterwards surgery. After a surgical procedure anywhere an incision is made is is possible to have pus coming as of the incision if an infection is present. While not all drainage is pus, drainage is often alarming as it can signal the presence of an infection, and can look actual strange coming from a surgical cut. Pus is present when the amount begins to fight an infection, carriage white blood cells to the basis of the problem in order en route for stop the germs from infecting add tissue. While the presence of emission is a good thing in so as to it indicates that the body is working to fight off the bug, it is never a good affair to have an infection. Pus is generally white or a yellow-white color, but it can be greenish, blood-tinged, blue in rare cases or constant a brown color. It can additionally have a foul odor.

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