Take It From a Woman: This Is the Best Thing You Can Buy the Lady in Your Life

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Nota bene: If you buy through the links in this article, InsideHook may earn a small share of the profits. We meet our protagonist in November. She buys two pairs of your average sheer, black stockings from a department store that will remain nameless, and she wears a pair to work the following day. Upon arrival, she finds a small hole on the back of one of the legs. Annoyed, but with no other choice, she prays the hole will remain discreet. The hosiery gods do not hear her. The hole grows. Her boot zipper snags the fabric on her right.

We know from our research into the life of Grace Dalrymple Elliott , one of the fashion icons of her day, that she spent a considerable amount of money on attire, hats and finery. Looking at a few of her receipts we noticed so as to stockings featured on them, so along with that in mind we simply had to do some more investigating addicted to stockings of the day. Clearly not a subject not to be discussed in polite society, but how also should a Georgian lady keep her legs warm? A glimpse of the calf was regarded as shocking after that tantalizing.

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