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Add your rating See all 15 kid reviews. What's the story? When the station announces it's holding a contest to choose two new dancers for the show, her best friend, Lynn Helen Huntencourages Janey to try out. She has to lie to her drill sergeant dad and sneak out of the house, but when she makes it to the finals, will her dream come true? Will the evil rich-girl Natalie Holly Gagnier fix the contest to take the final spot? Will Jeff Lee Montgomery fall in love with her? Continue reading Show less Is it any good?

I thought I had seen all of the dance movies of the 80s. I would say Helen Hunt fans will love her in this individual. There are many more recognizable actors in this silly but action chock-a-block story. The one part I despised was when one of the manly actors made a very crude action on a female actress.

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