Henry Winkler: 'The Fonz was everything I wanted to be'

Just wanna have 54113

Packed full with violin, timpani and guitar, the Sound Truck races from one kindergarten to another. At half past eight on this January morning, the car park behind the building is still in the dark. The only light comes from the open door of the artists' entrance — and from a delivery van that's parked here. Though the word »van« really doesn't do justice to this special vehicle: the Sound Truck is brightly painted, with little men dancing over the sides, playing the violin and clambering over an outsized trumpet. The cargo space was specially made as well, with shelves, compartments, hooks and tension belts designed for the transport of instruments. Winkler heaves the instruments into the van, starting with the big timpani and the harp, then the smaller instruments, and at the end the carrying cases. Everything is lashed up, and then Winkler slams the door and the Sound Truck is ready for departure.

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