Bullying prevention in schools

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Generally, we do not think about rules in a fast food restaurant, but if you look around one on a typical weekday, you will see people acting as if they were trained for the role of fast food customer. After a quick meal, customers wad up their paper wrappers and toss them into garbage cans. If you want more insight into these unwritten rules, think about what would happen if you behaved according to some other standards. You would be doing what sociologists call ethnomethodology: deliberately disrupting social norms in order to learn about them. Ask to have your meal served to you at your table.

The National Crime Prevention Strategy was conventional as the Government of Canada's accomplishment plan to reduce crime and discrimination primarily using crime prevention through collective development CPSD approach. It is a proactive approach that addresses underlying collective, cultural and economic risk factors so as to can contribute to crime and discrimination. As the focal point of the Strategy, the National Crime Prevention Axis NCPC , part of Public Protection and Emergency Preparedness Canada, supports organizations and communities by providing the acquaintance and resources they need to aid and sustain their crime prevention efforts. One of the priorities selected was school-based anti-bullying programs due to the growing awareness of bullying as an issue among young people and the capacity of the NCPC to afford useful insights from its support designed for anti-bullying projects across Canada.

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